A Snake for Sue

About This Project

I embraced this project for Sue Holmes, shamanic healer and teacher. It immediately started to reveal it self as an opening journey for the both of us. Transformation medicine is my favourite to work with and the energy of the snake naturally facilitates the right flow of information to be processed so that any shadows can be brought to the light and beauty can unfold.

The snake for me is the representation of the flow of life force that moves though our chakras, reawakening our natural state of connection to the earth and the sky both, creating a fluidity in both physical and energetic bodies, inwards and outwards our lives. So in this way I welcomed the snake teachings and started creating.

The necklace has a body made of glass beads, some of them are 24ct plated. It has a display of different ethical semiprecious stones, chrysocolla and coral. The head is carved from a woolly mammoth tusk from an artist in Bali. The pendant displays a moldavite stone in 14ct yellow gold with a shiva seed hanging from it, this was made by jeweller Nathan Mealey. The tongue of the snake was designed by my self and I then had it casted in 14ct red gold in order to create the clasp.
The piece can both be used as a necklace as well as an ornament piece for the altar and the home space.


“And so began the journey of the creation of this unique piece in Francesca’s skillful hands. Francesca and I shared deeply about our experiences of snake medicine. It was beautiful to have someone who could truly hear my process and bring my prayers and intentions into the necklace. My process and serpent connection is detailed in full in my forthcoming debut book…
For now, I’ll just say transformation, mystery, rebirth, creativity, magic, sexuality…” – Sue Holmes – www.firehorse.uk.com