After making the ceremonial objects she would need for her own wedding day, Francesca Stella discovered a yearning to do the same for others – to create magical objects for their special days. Objects which carry intention and potential for its wearer to manifest their deepest dreams.


Francesca’s own dream was initially realised by using tiny glass bead to create intricate and ornate bead work that took many forms including jewellery. The tribal tones and expression of colour spoke to her yearning and were the perfect medium for what she found to be an innate talent looking for expression.


A few years later this expression turned itself to gold, another perfect medium to hold her intentions and prayers. As Francesca’s technique and talent grew with gold, she has found another friend in the physical that can match and hold her ethereal magic.


Although currently letting gold and glass beads hold her artistic space, Francesca’s journey has been a life long process with its roots in the colours and culture of her native Sicily, and her childhood spent there. It continued with her worldly travels and deep spiritual exploration, culminating with the moment of her marriageand the idea that ceremonial objects of the past are still with us today.


Francesca has taken up humble task of continually researching and recreating the concept of ceremony as it exists today. Her jewellery is her ceremonial offering to its wearer reminding them of the magic and mystery of life and helping them to enter into its present moment.


Each piece’s specific intention unlocks the conscious energy of its custodian. It is a symbolic and physical blessing as well as a call forprotection making it perfect for special occasions such as births and weddings.


Francesca uses ethical materials that reflect her integrity and love for the Planet. All elements of her jewellery are sustainable, using Fairtrade gold, stones, and ethically sourced feathers. Preloved jewellery is also transformed giving old objects a new, reshaped life.


The passion and love of Francesca’s craft radiates from her unique creations touching the hearts of the many people who proudly wear her pieces.


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