“I would say that the pattern emerges from the making, rather than the making from the pattern.”

-Francesca Stella

So says Francesca Stella about the process she encounters when in her studio creating her unique, conscious jewellery. Each nuggets of rendered gold, or spun bead of glass holds the intention of the artist to become not only a piece of jewellery but a piece of magic that can lead its wearer into the conscious moment. Francesca’s jewellery is a creation that begets creation: the creation of its new custodian’s personal world, complete with its hopes and dreams.


Francesca’s Sicilian roots gave her a fascination with gold, colour and the Baroque style that whispers out from her work, realised with recycled and Fairtrade gold as well as other ethically sourced materials and processes. Her path as an artist finds its voice through her jewellery, which she hand-crafts using her practiced skill and positive intention.

To own a piece of her jewellery is to engage in an active meditation created through the alchemic transformation of Francesca’s emotions and visions of conscious living, loving and creating. To browse her past and current projects please visit the Gallery.

Latest Work

Francesca’s latest collection features a series of gold jewellery adorned with colourful feathers and beaded patterns. These pieces are inspired by the gold itself and embedded with messages of love for each person who wears them.