Il Fuoco Trasformatore

About This Project

This hummingbird carries the medicine of the “Transforming Fire”. It was created as a commission for a 30th birthday present. A gift from a brother to his sister and it came with a specific message, a message of inner peace. A message that has been written on paper and delivered together with the necklace to its new custodian.
The message carried by this hummingbird necklace is a message that not only speaks with written words but especially through the power of silence and can reawaken the ability to experience meditation as a powerful tool for restoring balance in one’s inner and outer world.

The message: “Love for the universe and all that surrounds us is the teaching of the masculine, the archetype of the father that resides inside us. The acceptance of all the characteristics of our inner being with compassion and without judgment is the teaching of the feminine, the archetype of the mother that is in all of us […] The meeting between these energies of pure love creates silence […]  The truth is manifested in the point of encounter of these two poles. The nurturing of this union […] is meditation” This hummingbird necklace is a spiritual tool that supports the inner search for a true balanced power. It has the potential to reawaken the inner fire of healing, which transforms all that does no longer serves us into new realities, the manifestations of an existence that is aligned with conscious living.

The message was also woven bead by bead into the body of the hummingbird and it was infused in the gold chain so that the piece of jewellery in its entirety is exuding its teachings to who wears it.

The hummingbird is woven by hand using 24ct -gold-plated glass beads, and the necklace is a 9ct gold recycled gold chain.