Ripples of Water

One modest drop of water can riverberate in a significant number of ripples. Such simplicity is carried by the conscious power of the feminine.
  • Francesca’s work is simply stunning. Not only her designs are stunning but I personally know she puts all her loving... ... read more

    Fab Ray Avatar
    Fab Ray

    I love everything Francesca Stella makes. It is full of beauty, care and quality. My studs came beautifully packaged. I... ... read more

    Tali Rose Avatar
    Tali Rose

    Giorgia Scuderi Avatar
    Giorgia Scuderi
  • Francesca is a terrific artist, environmentally conscious, that's why all the materials come from sustainable sources (stones, recycled gold and... ... read more

    Giusy Torrisi Avatar
    Giusy Torrisi

    I love my beautiful silver earrings ethically handmade by Francesca Stella. Each of her pieces are a work of art... ... read more

    Julie Ana Rose Avatar
    Julie Ana Rose

    Francesca is premier artist who can fashion high quality pieces of jewellery. To know that she uses ethical gold and... ... read more

    Youssef Boutayeb Avatar
    Youssef Boutayeb