Golden Hummingbird

About This Project

Golden Hummingbird

I still remember that morning in the Brazilian forest outside Rio De Janeiro, after fourteen days of shaking and intense meditation. Around me the glorious life of plants being kissed by the morning dew, the colours of exotic flowers, the company of other women and men, who, just like me, had been through similar inner journeys. We were together, and I was feeling safe and vulnerable at the same time. I was broken by the many tears shared in the process of letting my ego fall apart, while facing the uncertainty of a new emerging self.

It was in that place of Mother Earth where I was reborn and in front of my nose suddenly appeared a hummingbird. I felt the vibration of its wings as I opened my eyes. There it was flapping its wings in a perpetual movement, reminding me that all that matters is life itself. The energy of our hearts beating together was the very celebration of life. In that special moment love was reborn inside me. The seed was once again planted in the new soil of my self and I stepped into truer me.

That was my first sight of a hummingbird, such a true gift to me.

A new golden phase of my life had become. I didn’t know it but I was already receiving its gifts.

The hummingbird has since become one of my totem animals – for the symbolism it carries for me and the numerous journeys it unlocks inside my soul.

This necklace, earrings and bracelet set is the first ever hummingbird themed jewellery that I crafted with glass beads. It was created as a support in order to process the deep opening experience that happened in the Brazilian forest. The glass beads are plated real 24ct gold allowing the piece to shine like the light of the sun.

With the golden hummingbird I often travel in unknown lands of my soul discovering places inside my self that I didn’t know existed. Its presence in my life makes me feel safe while my heart opens to these new lands.

Since the crafting of this golden hummingbird I have created many other hummingbirds for people who felt the call to wear one. They are all unique and special and they all bring different gifts to whomever wears them.

I feel my journey of birthing life to more hummingbirds is always open and I am currently developing new designs that include the use of real gold in combination with 24ct gold plated glass beads.