Camille’s Wings

About This Project

Camille’s Wings

Camille asked me to support her in her personal work with her ancestral line, and she commissioned the making of a special piece to help her with her inner journey. The focus was on her relationship with the masculine and she wanted a wearable art piece that could connect her with this special task.

The central piece is a serpentine jade stone, hand carved in Mexico, it represents peyote, a medicinal cactus used in native Central and South American civilisations. In this instance, it was used to represent the masculine. It rests on a sterling silver setting, which I created purposely for this piece. On the centre of the jade stone is a rose quartz semi precious sphere to symbolise the very core of Camille’s heart centre, her love and commitment for inner and outer growth.

From the centre piece spreads a pair of rainbow wings, weaved using very small glass seed beads (size 15) and the technique of bead looming.

The wings have been created with the intention to empower Camille in her journey from liberating her soul from all conditioning belonging to her karma in this life and in the lives of her ancestors.

The necklace closure is adjustable on two levels so that the serpentine stone can either fall on Camille’s solar plexus or on her heart chakra, giving her the possibility to chose how to wear the piece depending on what support she needs at any given time.

When the necklace is worn higher up, with the peyote piece landing on the heart chakra, the 3D flower of the necklace’s clasp will drop exactly opposite the heart chakra on the back, between Camille’s shoulder blades, creating an energetic connection between the serpentine peyote stone and the flower. This is to create a sphere of protection for Camille’s heart and an energised field for her heart work.

This necklace was crafted respecting Camille’s wish to remain grounded and empowered during her path. It is a combination of magical craft and understanding of her taste for jewellery.

It was a true pleasure to create this piece from start to finish, and I always take that as a good sign – as a validation of flowing in the right direction when working.

The piece was received with joy and it is still worn gracefully and proudly by her owner.