My Heart Project

About This Project

My Heart Project

Or How My Heart Broke Twice


This stone was a present for my 28th birthday from my beautiful sister Prema.

Not too long after she gifted it to me, it fell to the floor and broke in two pieces.

Can you imagine the pain? It was a real cry for help. The kind of cry I could no longer ignore!

Sometime after the accident I woke up with the clear intention to find a way to bring my heart back together. Some magic was required! Some highly skilled work of love was needed. My heart deserved to have its original beauty restored.

This is when I thought to contact a dear friend of mine, the sort of white witch that could definitely help me restore my heart to its original splendor.

Paola, lives inside the Tuscan woods and under the Italian sun. She has been learning her art across the centuries, starting in ancient Greece as an apprentice of the master Hephaestus, when she was working with fire and metal inside a volcano.

With her help and in a blink of eyes, my heart was back in one piece now wearing a golden crown where once there was a painful break.

This project for me carries an important symbolism, which reminds me day to day of the power of transformation, and the real value that art has for me. The guidance of my heart has taken me through the learning of so many art practices, starting from pencil drawing to jewellery making and it never ceases to show me the way.

After repairing my heart, Paola did warn me about some of the cracks that it carried and she told me to look after it as it was still very fragile.

About a year ago I had a deep understanding regarding my relationship with my mother. The type of understanding that can crack your heart open with true compassion and the golden crowned heart broke once again. It broke in my hands while I was crying and it broke in a way that will no longer allow me to ‘repair’ it, so I will meditate on the next step and ‘transform’ it once again into something beautiful, honouring each single, tiny piece and enhancing their collective value once again.

The narrative has already been told, I now just have to wait for guidance on how to manifest it into an art piece in order to complete its metaphor.

This poem that I wrote when I first had the heart brought back together reminds me of the inner steps to take and to remain focused on the true value of “My Heart Project”


Did you know that a heart

when it breaks a part

has the opportunity of a life time,

not to simply get back together all fine,

but to become your master and guide,

with which your soul will glide,

when you open to be a humble listener

of all that is around and ‘love’ whispers?


What a golden beauty shines

from the heart that with presence aligns.

A beam of golden light

shows me the way

when in the darkest night

I watch myself silently pray.


Swinging from trust to fear

the strong heart keeps me in the center

it shows of all my thoughts the most sincere

it reveals of my prayers the best answer.


I love my heart with all its cracks

it always brings me back on track.