About This Project



These gifts from the birds bring the ability to shift energies, to change direction, to cleanse the personal space from all energetic clutter. Then one can embody the element of Air to ride the currents of the wind just like a bird flying free in the sky.

I’ve been working consciously with feathers for some time now and the more I open to receive their wisdom, the more I am being showered in these colourful, soft and gentle spiritual tools. They just come to me, sometime feathers literally fall from the sky in front of my eyes and all I have to do is pick them up and look after them.

I always been fascinated by the beauty of feathers however I had to wait a long time before being able to work with them. One of the reasons stopping me from using them as part of my creations was my refusal to buy online without knowing the provenance and the conditions of the birds they once belonged to.

About 8 years ago, I started to researching and soon discovered something that allowed my dream to take form. Birds periodically go through a process of replacing their feathers and when doing so, they lose the old ones. This allows me a perfect way to sustainably source the most beautiful feathers, making sure that no birds have been harmed by the process. As soon as I opened to the possibility of receiving ethically sourced feathers, the birds must have heard me as I was literally showered with them!

Most of my feathers come from Cornwall, from domestic exotic birds and from wild local birds; others were collected during my travels in different countries. Each feather carries a message, a gift, that I listen to carefully. When creating feather jewellery, I make sure that the form of the piece is complementing the message the feathers carry.

Feathers are by nature organic material, so they are subject to deterioration. When using feathers, I make sure to wash them and treat them so they can preserve their beauty for a long time. However, I also ensure that each feathered jewel reaches its owner with a set of care instructions, so they can look after them, making them last a long time.

Amongst my featured feather jewellery there are earrings, headbands, headdresses, feather fans and I’m sure more will surface in my creative mind as I continue to work with these wonderful teachers.