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Orixas are deities from many spiritual traditions that originate from the African diaspora. They are the embodiment of energies that can be recognised in the natural world. You can call upon a particular Orixà to bring strength and guidance into your life.

  • Francesca is an amazingly talented bead-craftswoman of world-wide repute. We went on a 'serpent medicine' journey together, as this necklace... ... read more

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    Sue Holmes

    I took a leap of faith buying our wedding rings online and I’m so glad I did. They are beautiful!... ... read more

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    Raffaele Trovato
  • Francesca is premier artist who can fashion high quality pieces of jewellery. To know that she uses ethical gold and... ... read more

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    Youssef Boutayeb

    I have the most beautiful ring from Francesca Stella. A vintage piece sourced and transformed back to its former glory... ... read more

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    Fay Rosamond

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    Giorgia Scuderi