Quetzalcoatl Necklace – Ethical Gold and Feathers


When the sky kisses the earth a new love is born. The eternal fire of creation burns within the heart of this union and from its flames a creature is rising, the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl.


The inner marriage between opposite forces rules the roots of existence; he is the giver of life, the creator.


The gold chain of this necklace represents the serpent (earth) and its green and red plumage opens a connection to the sky (air).


The gold crafted in this piece is a direct manifestation of Father Sun. The very light of the Sun that resided underground inside the dark womb of Mother Earth until it was again taken out to meet the light of the day and reconnect to its source.


This necklace is a reminder that love starts from within. Love for oneself, love for balance, respect for the Mother and the Father that we each carry inside.


The secret alchemy of creation represented by the meeting of the Father and the Mother marks the beginning of life. The myth of creation is encapsulated in the construction and form of this necklace, and as the gold meets the feathers to fly back to the sun, the soul finds its roots anchoring itself to its path on this plane.


The mystery of this union is revealed when the fire of the sun stored in our hearts, radiates its healing light from within, just like gold does underneath the soil before is taken out to the light of day.


The direction of each feather is aimed to bring protection to the physical and energetic body of the person that wears it, radiating the healing powers of the heart in the space within and without.


The chrysocolla stones ease the way of this rebirth, facilitating the smooth and calm communication of inner transformation. A spoken journey of transformation and regeneration can be shared with others despite its very private nature, and the communication of this journey will not only guide the inner journey but also inspire others to bring their light into this world.


Ethical gold and feather necklace, hand crafted with love and intention.

No animal was or ever will be harmed for the creation of my jewellery and the birds who mulched these beautiful feathers are currently being very well looked after.

All feathers have been treated and the necklace comes with caring instructions.

All the semiprecious stones used are ethically sourced.

The gold is recycled.


Made with:

9ct recycled yellow gold

24ct gold plated glass Delica beads, size 15

Coloured glass Delica beads, size 15

Macaw feathers

Chrysocolla and amethyst stones


The overall length of the necklace is 17.7inch/45cm

The feathers are 19cm x 16cm/7.4inch x 6.3inch

Additional Information
Gold type

9ct recycled yellow gold