Yansá – Ethical Gold Flower Earrings


I created this piece connecting with the energy of the Orixá (deity from the Umbanda tradition) Yeansá. These words came through in hope that they will facilitate a renewed connection with your inner force.
Yeansá can take you into a journey of apparent chaos, while her true purpose is the one of restoring the natural order and balance of things within and without one self. The quality of presence that falls after a storm, the stillness of the sea after the crashing waves are the gifts of this spirit, who comes to realign your true purpose, who comes to heal.


Oya Yansá


Do mar ela vem soprando
Mae da tempestade esta chegando


Com seu manto de fogo ela apareceu
eu sou filha sua, eu sou filho seu


Vai limpar meu pensamento
E a calmar meu sofrimento


A Eparrei ela é Oyá,
ela é Oyá, Oyá Yansá.




Oya Yansá


From the sea she is blowing
The mother of storm is coming


with her cloak of fire she appeared
I am her daughter , I am her son.


Come to cleanse my thinking
To sooth my suffering


A eparrei ela é Oyá,
ela é Oyá, Oyá Yansá.


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This pair of drop earrings truly is a unique piece. The main body of the earring is crafted with love and intention using recycled, Fairtrade or SMO yellow gold. The flowers are created using vintage micro glass beads of different colours and each are an offering to the Orixá Yeansá, a deity of the Umbanda tradition that rules the wind and the stormy weather. All solid gold beads used are being individually cut and filed.
Each earring, stem, flower, petal is the result of my dedication to love and form.

The flower earrings come with their own hand made vases, made by Sicilian artist Luigia Pappalardo and they can be used as an ornamental and devotional object when not worn.

A truly personal piece, the ideal present for someone very special in your life. Whether that special someone is your self or someone else that touches your heart deeply, this is the gift that shows your full appreciation.

The earrings are made in:

The body of the earrings: Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold/SMO 18ct yellow gold/recycled 18ct yellow gold
The hand beaded flower: hand cut SMO/recycled 18ct yellow gold beads and coloured glass vintage micro beads.
The earrings are fully hallmarked


Each one of the unique ceramic vases was handmade by Sicilian artist Luigia Pappalardo

The overall length of the earrings is 4inch/10cm

Additional Information
Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 cm
Gold type

18ct SMO yellow gold, 9ct SMO yellow gold, 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, 18ct recycled yellow gold, 9ct recycled yellow gold