Ogum – Ethical Gold Flower Earrings


The path was a thick tangle of branches, vines, bramble and there seemed to be no way forward, however I could just see the light of the sun filtering through the thick intertwining of the green leaves and branches and all I wanted was to get to the other side. I turned around to see what I was leaving behind and… “yes I had to get through!” I said to my self “There is only one way out: forward”
I was facing the thick forrest while the tiny beams of light were calling me from behind the leaves, I grasped my sword and fearlessly started to cut though for what it seemed to be an eternity as the thoughts where passing by my mind like the leaves that were flying past my view. Each cut was clearing the way ahead and soothing my angry mind. Memories of an ancient past were dropping like the vines and branches of this forest and soon it was light until the path was opened.
In front of my eyes a clearing, the fresh grass was inviting me to take a rest. Before I dropped at the feet of a flower to pay my gratitude to life, I used my last breath to shout his name.


Salve a o Rei Ogum
ou Ogum Megê!
Ele é Tata no Arerê

En seu cavalo branco ele vem montado,
com sua espada de justiça ele vem armado
Salve a sua força e a sua coragem,
ele apareceu como uma miragem
Salve o guerreiro da umbanda,
com sua falange venha de Aruanda


Ogum, Ogum megê
Venha nos proteger




Salute to King Ogum
ou Ogum Megê!
he is the elder of Arerê
on his white horse he is mounted
with his sword of justice he is armed
Salute to his force and his courage
he appeared like a mirage
salute to the warrior of Umbanda
with his phalanx comes from Aruanda


Ogum, Ogum megê
come to protect us


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This pair of drop earrings truly is a unique piece. The main body of the earring is crafted with love and intention using recycled, Fairtrade or SMO 18ct yellow gold. The flowers are created using vintage micro glass beads of different colours, each flower is an offering to the Orixá Ogum, a deity of the Umbanda tradition representing the warrior of light. All gold beads used are being hand cut by my self and they all are solid 18ct yellow gold.
Each earring, stem, flower, petal is the result of my knowledge of gold-smithing and beading, each piece is a mirror of my to love for colour and form.

This is a limited collection and only 30 pairs of these flowers are available. When you purchase a pair, it will be sent to you with a copy of the words and poem that I wrote, as an invocation of the spirit of Ogum in your life. The limited edition earring number will appear together with the writing that comes with the piece and will be directly signed by my self.

The flower earrings come with their own hand made vases, made by Sicilian artist Luigia Pappalardo and they can be used as an ornamental and devotional object to when not worn.

A truly personal piece, the ideal present for someone very special in your life. Whether that special someone is your self or someone else that touches your heart deeply, this is the gift that shows your full appreciation.

The earrings are made in:

The body of the earrings: Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold/SMO 18ct yellow gold/recycled 18ct yellow gold
The hand beaded flower: hand cut SMO/recycled 18ct yellow gold beads and coloured glass vintage micro beads.
The earrings are fully hallmarked


Handmade ceramic vases by Sicilian artist Luigia Pappalardo

The overall length of the earrings is 4inch/10cm

Additional Information
Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 cm
Gold type

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, 18ct recycled yellow gold