Melody Earrings – Ethical Gold and Feathers


There is a day of the year, when all birds sing the same song: ‘All is Love’ and it echoes in the valleys; a choir of million different voices, as many as the birds on this planet.

This melody has the colours of a thousand rainbows and the smell of a thousand flowers. It sings to your heart that nature is a place to rest, where the mind can fly free without judgment and worries.

In order to listen to this song you need to engage all your senses. Breathe its rhythm through your skin, open your heart to receive its beauty, listen with your soul for the path that will open for you. And as it plays the strings of your existence it will deliver its gift for you. The understanding that everything around you is sacred and  you too are truly blessed.


This pair of earrings is one of a kind. Crafted with love and intention using recycled 9ct yellow gold for the metallic part of the earrings. The drops are made using glass 24ct plated and coloured Delica beads, size 15. The feathers are locally sourced from birds living in Cornwall.

No animal was or ever will be harmed for the creation of my jewellery and the bird in question, who mulched these two beautiful feathers, is currently being very well looked after by its owner here in a Cornish garden.

All feathers have been treated and earrings will come with caring instructions.

All the semiprecious stones used are ethically sourced.


Made in:

9ct recycled yellow gold

24ct gold plated glass Delica beads, size 15

Coloured glass Delica beads, size 15

Macaw feathers

Chrysocolla and coral stones


The overall length of the earrings is 8inch/20cm

Additional Information
Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 cm
Gold type

9ct recycled yellow gold