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Many moons and suns ago, when the earth was still sparkling with the new light of the very first sunrise, all nature’s expressions were still under the creation of the spirits and the gods, who in large numbers were populating the lands and seas. New types of flowers, insects, fish and plants were born every day; all mirror images of the creative force that is God.


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Amongst the many spirits that were populating the planet, were two very young ones that particularly liked to play together. Their names were Gwels and Gwyns. Gwels was a spirit nymph, just 1342 years old, the daughter of Gweres and Has. She loved to get up every morning before the sunrise and swim in a river when the surrounding air was still fresh. Afterwards she would come out and dance on the river rocks for hours.


Gwyns was just 1423 years old, his father was Howlyow and his mother Moryow.He had so much energy to run up and down the earth chasing Gwels and playing hide and seek behind the Alps with her. The two would also spend time watching volcanos erupt, whales and dolphins swim and trees grow. Sometimes at night they would lie on a beach somewhere around the continent, looking at the stars and telling each other stories of ancestors’ spirit guides.


It was fun for Gwels and Gwyns to be friends. It was easy to trust each other and to rest their minds together in contemplation of the beauty the earth held.


Together it was the best life ever and they both didn’t want it to end for any reason. So, one night when the stars where falling from the sky, they both promised to the firmament to be together forever.


The seasons went by and Gwels and Gwyns never lost the joy of being together.


The day came when Gwyns turned 3000. There was a big celebration and spirits from all over the planet gathered together to sing, dance and pray. Their frolics lasted for days and when one by one all the spirits went back to their usual occupations, both Gwyns and Gwels were summoned by their parents:


– It is time to leave a sign in this planetary existence, a time to increase your abilities and potential as spirits, a time for manifesting your true self and purpose, a time to contribute to the forging of this reality on Earth-


They were asked to choose the form of their incarnations. They had to decide on a manifestation of their spirit in a single expression of mother nature.


Gwels was very sad and before starting to weep she said to Gwyns:


– I want to play with you forever and ever, I will not survive a separation from you, and to know we cannot do any of the things that have been filling our days with joy, makes me so sad. –


Gwyns was concerned too but he wanted to show positivity so he remained quiet for a little while, before speaking with his and Gwels’s parents:


– I knew this day would come, but there must be a solution for us to remain together –


Howlyow spoke firmly in a very soft and guiding voice:


– The choice is yours, the wise thing to do is to surrender to your growth and to embrace the transition, nothing is asked of you with the intention of causing pain. This is why us spirits have been summoned to the Earth, we are going to create a new reality together. One where everything that will take form will be united under one mother spirit, Nature. No mother wants her children to suffer. You will see that once your decision is made, you will be thrilled to support each other and start this new adventure. –


Gweres added with a compassionate heart:


– Everything is possible if you really want it. We trust you to be wise enough to make the right decision for yourself and the other. We will meet again at the third rising of the sun from now, by these tall, white rocks and you will tell us your decision –


The two left holding hands and as they were walking, an invisible staircase opened in the sky. They climbed upstairs onto a soft cloud from where they could see the entire Earth. The cloud was so high in the sky that they could see the roundness of the planet, far away, where the water gets lost behind the edges of the earth.


Gwels was sighing and looking at the universe behind the cloud. Gwyns sat up and was checking out all the visible land.


– Today the Earth seems sad to me. Maybe I am the one carrying these feelings–


Gwels sat up too and added:


– No, it’s not just you, and it is so very still and quiet without us running around the land and the seas. Do you think we should do something about it? –


– I think we can do something about it, but we cannot waste our time, we need to come to a decision. – and as he was speaking these words, his whole being started to fade.


– What are you thinking Gwels?


– I’d like to be the breath that sings to you and can make you dance for eternity – Gwyns said looking right into Gwels’ soul.


– I’d like to be the strings of your heart, the melody that guides you home every time you are lost-


While Gwels was saying these last words, the sun was rising for the third time and as they both started to walk back to the white rocks, Gwyns appearance was fading away till his whole being disappeared and became a gentle breath of wind. As soon as the fearless foot of Gwels touched the soil, her own being expanded and started to cover all the visible land with a mantle of the most shining green grass.


The two can still be seen playing together when the wind blows and the grass dances. From the cliffs of the northern seas to the savanna of Africa, they still play together celebrating their love and joy for each other.


Please contact me directly for any questions and help info@francescastella.co.uk 

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Gwels ha Gwyns collection is a limited edition, featuring thirty earrings, rings and bangles. Each piece will come with a scripted copy of Gwels and Gwyns story and it will be personally numbered and signed by my self, the artist.

Gwels ha Gwyns earrings are one of a kind, hand crafted with recycled yellow gold they were given a texture by hand on their surface that evokes the movement of the grass when blown by the wind, the hand crafted feel makes each pair a truly unique piece.

The earrings are available in

9ct Recycled/SingleMineOrigin/Fairtrade yellow gold

18ct Recycled/SingleMineOrigin/Fairtrade yellow gold


9ct 1.2gr

18ct 1.8gr

Please contact me directly for any questions and help info@francescastella.co.uk 

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