I Gitani – Ethical Gold Ring


I am proud to present “I Gitani” (“The Travellers”). Magical bands for couples on a path of consciousness, seeking personal development as individuals and wanting to strengthen the power of their relationship together. These golden rings whisper to you the asserting power of affirmation with this charm written in Italian:


“Stretta la foglia, larga è la via

con te io lascio l’anima mia.

In questo anello pongo gli intenti

Poiché tutti vivano felici e contenti”


English Translation:


“Narrow is the leaf, wide is the way

with you I entrust this soul of mine.

In this ring, I lay the intention:

We will live happily ever after”


Wishing you a happy manifestation.


The displayed price is for one 3mmx 2mm, D-shaped wedding band.

Possibility to engrave the ring with a max of 20 characters is included to the cost.

The ring is available in:

9ct recycled yellow gold

18ct recycled yellow gold

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold

The band size can be adapted to different ring sizes. You will be contacted at purchase stage in order to confirm the size of the rings and other finishing details.

The ring will come with a print of the charm on handmade paper.

Additional Information
Gold type

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, 18ct recycled yellow gold, 9ct recycled yellow gold

Ring size

UK F to O, UK O to Z