Felicity Earrings – Ethical Gold and Feathers


Every year during the summer solstice two birds meet above the forest and dance for the sun. They fly together amongst the trees loving to play in the breeze. At each flap of their wings a trail of colours and goodness spreads over the land like rain.

Each drop is a seed of wisdom that lands in the souls of those who need to find a new balance in their lives.

The sound of the wind sings a song of hope and love:

“A heart that can think is a heart that can fly

A mind that can feel is a mind that can dance”

Let the celebration of your thoughts and emotions sparkle inside your body. Enjoy your heart and mind meeting at the centre of your being, showing you a new direction –  a simpler way to breath. As your energy reawakens, feel good and give thanks for all that you are, as your life is a gift crafted just for you and you are indeed receiving it right now.


Earrings hand crafted with love and intention, using recycled 9ct yellow gold.

The drops are made using glass 24ct plated and coloured Delica beads, size 15. The feathers are locally sourced from birds living in Cornwall.

No animal was or ever will be harmed for the creation of my jewellery and the birds who mulched these beautiful feathers are currently being very well looked after.

All feathers have been treated and earrings come with caring instructions.

All semiprecious stones are ethically sourced.


Made with:

9ct recycled yellow gold

24ct gold plated glass Delica beads, size 15

Coloured glass Delica beads, size 15

Macaw feathers

Chrysocolla and coral stones


The overall length of the earrings is 5inch/12.5cm

Additional Information
Gold type

9ct recycled yellow gold