Tonantzin – Ethical Gold Ring


Every morning I open my eyes and give thanks to be alive. Being grateful for all that I receive and all I can share with my beloved, who I embrace love with every day.

The compassionate heart of Tonantzin, she, who is the mothering creator of the Universe, guides us both and brings to our relationship, her blessings.

In these rings is a charm of Love, the love for all, to be shared with all living beings on this planet, a wish for a path of mutual respect under the light of father Sun:


“Birds are singing in the sky,

fishes are crooning in the sea.

Needless to ask why,

We share this love, you and me.

We give thanks for Creation

And in this ring the intention:

To bide in love, respect and much more

For our souls towards the sun can soar”


The henna image in the picture is a creation of Seema Alimagham at Shakti Henna and it was created with the ring’s charm in mind and heart. A fine print of the illustration will be gifted when purchasing two rings at once.

The ring will come with a print of the charm on handmade paper.


The displayed price is for one 3mmx 2mm, D-shaped wedding band with a light texture on the surface to give the ring a unique hand crafted feel.

Possibility to engrave the ring with a max of 20 characters is included to the cost.

An illustration of the henna pattern that is in the describing image is complimentary when two rings are being purchased.

The ring is available in

9ct recycled yellow gold

18ct recycled yellow gold

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold

The band size can be adapted to different ring sizes, please chose your size range on the options below to visualise correct price. You will be contacted at purchase stage in order to inform me of the size for the ring/s and other finishing details.

Additional Information
Gold type

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, 18ct recycled yellow gold, 9ct recycled yellow gold

Ring size

UK F to O, UK O to Z