I Carritteri – Ethical Gold Ring


There is so much value in the simple gifts that life brings to those that are open to receive them.

When two hearts beat at the same speed and they don’t even ask the reason why, when the sparkle in the eyes of the gazers ignites at first sight, when time stops and space expands, when the journey of a life time together begins and it already feels infinite, when two beings simply and humbly seal their first love for each other with a promise, when that promise carries a true ‘yes’ to all of life’s colours, “I Carritteri” will shower upon the couple’s sacred union the blessings of their commitment.

Embedded in this ring is a true love promise, which is the one to remain rooted in humbleness to the beauty and purity of a first love kiss, the gold gently whispers a vow of trust to its custodians, the commitment that a first love can really be forever.


I Carritteri


“E quannu  t’ancontru ‘nda strata

l’occhi mi s’accascianu ‘ccu na calata

u me sciatu mi veni a mancari.

Curuzzu mio iu tu dicu

senza di tia non pozzu stari

e’ chistu l’amuri anticu?


Stu focu ca mi consuma lu cori

Ca nun mi lassa attruvari palori

ppi diri ca ti vogghiu ccu arduri

ca tu si ppi mia l’eternu amuri”


“When I see you on the street

my eyes drop down

and my breathing stops.

My sweetheart I tell you

I cannot be without you

Is this the archetype of love?


This fire that consumes my heart

that doesn’t allow me to find words

to tell you that I want you passionately

that you are for me the eternal love”


The displayed price is for one ring. its shiny finish gives the ring a very classic look.

Possibility to engrave the ring with a max of 20 characters is included to the cost.

The ring is available in

9ct recycled yellow gold

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold

18ct Fairtrade white gold

The band size can be adapted to different ring sizes. You will be contacted at purchase stage in order to confirm the size of the ring and other finishing details.

The ring will come with a print of the charm in handmade paper.

Additional Information
Gold type

18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, 18ct recycled yellow gold, 9ct recycled yellow gold

Ring size

UK F to O, UK O to Z