Ethical Gold Studs

This Ethical Gold Studs collection is the perfect heartwarming present for your self or your sweetheart. Each stud earring is handmade by my self in my Cornwall studio making each pair a truly unique piece.

  • 5 star review  Francesca is a passionate soul. She puts her heart in everything she makes. Her creations are not only beautiful, but full of life and emotions. Highly recommended if you’re looking... ... read more

    thumb Loredana Militello

    5 star review  Francesca is a terrific artist, environmentally conscious, that's why all the materials come from sustainable sources (stones, recycled gold and silver). Every single handcrafted piece has high quality standards and is... ... read more

    thumb Giusy Torrisi

    5 star review  Francesca is premier artist who can fashion high quality pieces of jewellery. To know that she uses ethical gold and procures all her materials from sustainable sources is a real... ... read more

    thumb Youssef Boutayeb

    5 star review  Francesca’s work is simply stunning. Not only her designs are stunning but I personally know she puts all her loving intentions in each piece which is for that alone very... ... read more

    thumb Fab Ray
  • 5 star review  I love my beautiful silver earrings ethically handmade by Francesca Stella. Each of her pieces are a work of art and totally unique. Check her out if you want something... ... read more

    thumb Julie Ana Rose