Colours of the Wind

How does it feel to fly on the wings of self healing? Francesca's collection "Colours of the Wind" is a magical journey that will take you to enchanted lands, where each ethically crafted piece of jewellery will be your guide to a path of understanding and freedom.
  • Francesca is a terrific artist, environmentally conscious, that's why all the materials come from sustainable sources (stones, recycled gold and... ... read more

    Giusy Torrisi Avatar
    Giusy Torrisi

    Francesca is an amazingly talented bead-craftswoman of world-wide repute. We went on a 'serpent medicine' journey together, as this necklace... ... read more

    Sue Holmes Avatar
    Sue Holmes

    I took a leap of faith buying our wedding rings online and I’m so glad I did. They are beautiful!... ... read more

    Susie Avatar
  • Raffaele Trovato Avatar
    Raffaele Trovato

    Giorgia Scuderi Avatar
    Giorgia Scuderi

    Francesca is a passionate soul. She puts her heart in everything she makes. Her creations are not only beautiful, but... ... read more

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    Loredana Militello